Serving Our Community

You will hear us say it a lot: We are your community hospital. And it’s our community, too.

While we remain committed to keeping our community healthy within our walls, we also want our community to thrive outside our walls. Just a few examples of how we give back:
  • Charity Care: $2,668,225
  • Donations to Area Schools: $137,183
  • Government Sponsored Healthcare: $14,979,406
  • Donations to Clubs and Civic Organizations: $41,675
  • Health Professional Education, Training, and Research: $145,100
  • Community Health Screening Services: $266,593
  • Local Event Sponsorships: $64,000
  • Tuition and Scholarship for employees: over $150,000

T.J. Samson Community Hospital gives back in other ways, too. You will often find us working hands-on at many of these events and organizations listed above, including Community Medical Care, Relay for Life, American Heart Association, March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club, Junior Achievement, and many other civic organizations and clubs. 

We believe in giving our time, talent, and financial resources because we believe in the community of south central Kentucky.