Patient Expectations

In addition, you should expect the following from us at each visit:
  • Health care workers to introduce themselves when they enter the room with their identification badge clearly visible.
  • Caregivers to wash their hands. Handwashing is the most important way to prevent the spread of infections.
  • Health care providers to confirm your identity by checking your armband and asking your name before administering any medication or treatment.
  • Health care providers to be informed about your medications. Be aware of the time of day you receive a certain medication; if you do not receive it at the expected time, bring it to the attention of your doctor or nurse. If you do not recognize a certain medicine, verify that it is for you.
  • Health care providers to explain to you the medications you are to take at home, as well as follow-up care or instructions. If you are not given that information, bring it to our attention.

Inpatient Services: Skilled Nursing Unit