Kentucky Paternity Acknowledgement Program

The Kentucky Paternity Acknowledgement Program, a program of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, is responsible for promoting the benefits of paternity establishment to parents as well as providing technical assistance and training to hospitals regarding the in-hospital paternity establishment process.

In 2010 approximately 21,000 children were born to unmarried parents in Kentucky and only 9,700 left the hospital with a legally established father. Studies show that approximately 70 percent of unmarried parents will acknowledge paternity if they are educated about the process and benefits in the hospital.

If a child is born to an unmarried mother, the child does not have a legal father unless the parents take steps to establish a legal father. The father’s name will not appear on the child’s birth certificate unless the parents establish him as the legal father. If the mother is married, the husband is the presumed legal father of the child.

If you want to know if establishing paternity is right for you and your child call or visit the state’s website to educate yourself about paternity before giving birth.