T.J. Regional Health clinics are now offering visits via Telehealth, an interactive audio/video system that allows patients to access quality healthcare from the comfort of their own home. Patients who need refills, follow-up appointments, or new consultations with a specialist can call the T.J. Health Pavilion or any T.J. clinic to schedule a virtual visit. These visits are conducted on a smartphone, tablet, or computer with almost no wait time, and they are covered by most insurance plans.

Because HIPAA compliance is a top priority, T.J. Telehealth visits are conducted securely to ensure strict patient privacy and confidentiality.

As part of the visit, the doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant has the ability to order testing such as lab work, x-rays, and other tests if they are urgently needed. Patients can also schedule an in person visit with their provider, if it is deemed emergent or necessary.

T.J. Regional Health staff will be reaching out to patients who already have scheduled appointments to see if a Telehealth visit is appropriate.

Patients who need to schedule a non-urgent appointment are asked to call their provider’s office to schedule a T.J. Telehealth visit.  Phone numbers are listed below.

Clinic Telephone Numbers:

Cave City Clinic - 270-773-2111
Columbia Clinic - 270-384-0451
Columbia Primary Care - 270-384-4764
Edmonton Clinic - 270-432-4800
Greensburg Clinic - 270-973-5439
Russell Springs Clinic - 270-858-3636
Scottsville Clinic - 270-237-3123
T.J.Health Pavilion - 270-651-1111
Tompkinsville Clinic - 270-487-0720

The Telehealth Clinic at T.J. Samson Community Hospital is an interactive audio/video system that allows patients to access high levels of specialty care without leaving Glasgow. Patients can see and talk to physicians via the videoconference unit, which provides face-to-face interaction.

This information is transmitted in real-time to the health care professionals at the other site. The Telehealth Network has a secure line that ensures strict privacy and confidentiality to all patients. 

  • Patients interact with a physician via telehealth to discuss the Stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related memory disorders.
  • Patients interact with a physician via telehealth to discuss cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, sometimes called CBT-I, an effective treatment for chronic sleep problems and is usually recommended as the first line of treatment.
  • We partner with Tristar Medical Institutions for Tele-Neuro consultations for our stroke patients.