T.J. Samson hospital pharmacy

T.J. Samson Hospital Pharmacy allows you to be able to fill your prescriptions before you leave the hospital.  When it's time for you to leave our hospital, we want to make sure you get home as quickly and safely as possible.  That's why T.J. Samson offers convenient bedside delivery for prescription medications.

How it works:
The T.J. Meds to Beds Navigator will visit you while you're in the hospital. He or she will discuss your medications with you.

The Meds to Beds Navigator will ask if you would like to sign up for bedside delivery and will then collect your insurance information as well as any prescription co-pay(s).  We accept most all insurance plans.

When your doctor places an order for your take-home prescriptions with our pharmacy, we will work to coordinate any prior authorizations with your insurance to ensure there are no delays in starting your medications.

The Meds to Beds Navigator will deliver your prescriptions directly to your hospital bedside before you leave.

Refilling your prescriptions:
If your prescription has refills, you may obtain these at a pharmacy of your choice.  There are two convenient pharmacy locations within T.J. for refilling your prescription medications. 

The TJ Pavilion Pharmacy is located inside the T.J. Health Pavilion just inside the West B Entrance.  A drive-thru is also available for your convenience.  Hours are 8AM to 8PM 7 days a week.  Phone 270.659.5599

T.J. Samson Hospital Pharmacy is located just inside the main lobby next to the Emergency Department Entrance.  Hours are 8AM - 8PM 7 days a week.  Phone 270.651.1865