Pain Pump

On-Q Pain Buster®

Have you been putting off a recommended (or even mandatory) surgery, such as knee replacement? For some, it’s not the surgery itself that’s intimidating—it’s the subsequent pain and length of recovery.

Surgery patients at T.J. Samson Community Hospital can opt for the On-Q Pain Buster®, a post-surgical pain pump that delivers local anesthetic directly to the targeted area. The pump is filled with numbing medicine and attaches to tubes that are placed under the skin by the anesthesiologist during surgery near the incision site. On-Q helps reduce the need for narcotics, which can have unwelcome side effects, including slower recovery. In fact, the On-Q option reduces the length of your hospital stay and gets you back on your feet faster.  
  • Works significantly better than narcotics alone
  • Reduces narcotic use
  • Avoids side effects and complications of narcotics
  • Accelerates recovery 

For more information on the On-Q Pain Buster® pump, feel free to contact us. 


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