Aquatic Therapy

In a pool, your body only weighs 10% of what it weighs on land. This can be life-changing for patients who are weak, experiencing dramatic life changes, or suffer from extreme pain.

Hydrotherapy is an effective option for patients who are too weak or in too much pain to exercise otherwise; by combining traditional exercise with the water’s buoyancy, the rehabilitative process is actually accelerated.

Patients with orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and neurological disorders may find relief at the T.J. Samson Rehab Aquatic Facility. A heated, salt-water pool provides a warm, low-impact environment for enhancing muscle tone, strengthening musculature, and overall relaxation. And unlike chemically treated pools, our salt-water pool is less irritating on the skin and actually provides a healing effect.

The following programs are available to qualified patients—physician’s order is required:
  • Polliwogs: Prenatal fitness, exercise, and therapy program
  • Ouchy: Individualized program for those who struggle with arthritis. Patients are carefully monitored and led by an American Arthritis Foundation-certified instructor, who tailors each patient’s program to meet common goals of increased strength and joint-stress relief.
  • Joint Power: Pre- and post-orthopedic program to increase range-of-motion and a normalized walking gait.
  • The Change: Peri- and post-menopausal program combines resistance training, flexibility, and safe water conditioning.

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